Quarry Hill Primary School Fête

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The sun was bright, the sky was clear and it was a fresh, spring day when Quarry Hill Primary School held their annual fête. Typically if you've seen one school fête, you've seen them all and most of the attendants are already a part of the school community turning out to support their children and the teachers. Whilst the demographic may be true, this particular event made a special effort to stand out from the others. This was clear from the first sight of the rock climbing tower looming over the basketball court.

There was more variety of stalls and activities than many similar events and it was clear that the committee had strived for something new. Instead of simply face painting, children (and adults) could also purchase fake tattoos, get their hair sprayed with colour or have someone paint their nails for $2. There was also a silent auction with a number of quality items from local sponsors, a raffle and even a lolly guess with a total of 300 entries. Of course, they also had the common cake stalls and used book sales attended by parent volunteers.

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One helper in particular, Christa, nervously assured me that her stall "used to be a lot more full" earlier in the day but that's just a testament to the popularity of her sweets.

Perhaps one of the most notable aspects of the day was the layout. Instead of limiting the stalls to the basketball court or sports oval, the wide variety of events was spread across the school. Some were even held in classrooms which still proudly displayed student artwork for guests to view. This arrangement also allowed the number of stalls and activities to be divided by their theme across the grounds. Many of the stalls with items for purchase were located in the Quadrangle whilst the more active events, such as rock climbing, the jumping castle and the pretend fishing, were held on the basketball court.

However, the highlight for me was to see the local Parkour group teaching children their sport. The hosts were friendly, approachable and seemed to enjoy helping the children try, even if the smaller ones sometimes needed a little help to leap onto the equipment. Beside that, there was a rhythmic gymnastics demonstration with hula hoops and other equipment for the children to try. Both activities were incredibly popular and a great way to encourage exploring more unique ways to remain active on such a classic summer day.

It was a positive environment and a well organised event that made the Quarry Hill Primary School fête an enjoyable way to spend a Sunday. I assume most attendants were connected to the school through their children or extended families and it was clearly a tight knit community who still remained welcoming and friendly to outsiders such as myself. Thank you for accepting this journalist and showing me a fun display of your school spirit.

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