Tom O'Callaghan


Stumbling around Phillip Island, Australia, whilst on holiday, a heavily pregnant woman and a (non-pregnant) man argued about what to name their child. One turned abruptly, walked into a cemetery and read the names chiselled on the gravestones.


"Why don't we name the baby Thomas?"


From that moment onwards Tom O'Callaghan had a name.


Tom is now a grownup who spends an awful lot of time thinking about things. Every month or two he blogs about a thought that has occurred to him. His thoughts are triggered by all kinds of things: movies, TV, politics, society and just about anything else that interests him.


He lives with his partner Emily in Bendigo, Australia. He co-presents 106.7 Phoenix FM Bendigo's Council Capers, a show about how the City of Greater Bendigo's decisions affect its citizens. He also live tweets council meetings.




Twitter:  @TomBendigo

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