David Chisholm, BIFEM

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It is festival season in Bendigo. Can you feel it? The Writers Festival was just on, the Blues & Roots festival is in just a few months. In just a couple of short weeks one of Bendigo's more avant-garde annual festivals comes to town: the Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music. BIFEM for short.

Taking on a genre once considered niche, BIFEM places exploratory and experimental music culture into the heart of central Victoria pushing Bendigo further onto the global stage.

I recently caught up with festival founder David Chisholm to chat about this year's edition of BIFEM. We also talked about Bendigo's nature as a natural fit for an international festival and discussed the inherent qualities of exploratory music. 

BIFEM takes place 2-4 September 2016.

Check out the festival guide (and some fantastic design work) at www.bifem.com.au.

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