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Tom Cartoonist is a visual artist and musician who has been based in both Bendigo and Melbourne. He is currently working on a children's book in his unique style.

Tom is an old friend of mine. While this is his first time on Local Chats, I have interviewed him for this site once before. You can find the interview here.

We talk about the process of creating a children's book, the respective benefits of traditional and digital art styles, and Tom's foray into music. At the end, I ask Tom to play a song for us all. 

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"Modern Life"
Performed by Telecastin' Tom
Written by B.Ely
Originally performed by Regurgitator

Tom is @tomcartoonist on Twitter and you can also check out his Wordpress.

Since this interview, Tom has created a Facebook page for his music. You can find it here.

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