Julius Porlai, Bendigo Blues And Roots Music Festival

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A long time enthusiast of blues music, Julius Porlai has been involved with the Bendigo Blues And Roots Music Festival since its beginning and runs the Bendigo Blues Tram. He also presents the weekly KLFM show Track of the Blues with Dr Jules.

Regular listeners of Local Chats will note three things about this episode. First, that it has been less than a fortnight since the last episode was released. In fact, it has only been two days since my chat with Cable Williams. In fact, this is a bonus episode release on top of the regular schedule. That's pretty exciting.

Second, this is not the first episode about the Blues Tram. There was a special episode of Local Chats released last year that took place on the tram featuring performances by Tony J King and Erica Hawkey.

Finally, the monkeys are still interfering with the equipment. An animal control official has been brought in to clear them from the studio, but unfortunately they did interfere with the equipment and there is some background noise in this recording. Hopefully this problem is now fixed and won't affect future episodes.

Without further adieu, here is my chat with Dr Jules. In the meantime, remember to check out our Patreon.

You can hear Julius on KLFM every Thursday from 7-9pm.

The next Blues Tram features Rattlin' Bones Blackwood and Michael Pollitt. It will run Friday September 25 and includes dinner at Rocks on Rosalind. You can find all the information here.

The Bendigo Blues And Roots Music Festival will be 5-8 November. More information at bendigobluesandroots.com.au.

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