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Episode Two: Norm McMurray

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In this fortnight's episode, I met up with Norm McMurray, a Legal Executive from Maurice Blackburn law firm. We talk about the kind of work Norm does around regional Victoria, including providing assistance for people who have been disadvantaged by injury and illness.

You can contact Norm on 0418 432 576 or nmcmurray@mauriceblackburn.com.au.

For more information visit mauriceblackburn.com.au.
Here is the first episode of my new fortnightly podcast, Local Chats. In this episode, I speak with my radio cohosts, Clare Robinson and Keegs Scilini. We each talk about our love of music and our association with Bendigo community radio station Phoenix FM.

Feedback is welcomed. Find me on Twitter (@themaneuver) or send me an email (thenewlocal@gmail.com).

More information about Phoenix FM can be found at phoenixfm.org.au.

Clare can be found on Twitter: @claremcfearless.

So can Keegs: @Keegs_Scilini.

The next episode of Local Chats will be posted June 20.

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