David Chisholm, BIFEM

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It is festival season in Bendigo. Can you feel it? The Writers Festival was just on, the Blues & Roots festival is in just a few months. In just a couple of short weeks one of Bendigo's more avant-garde annual festivals comes to town: the Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music. BIFEM for short.

Taking on a genre once considered niche, BIFEM places exploratory and experimental music culture into the heart of central Victoria pushing Bendigo further onto the global stage.

I recently caught up with festival founder David Chisholm to chat about this year's edition of BIFEM. We also talked about Bendigo's nature as a natural fit for an international festival and discussed the inherent qualities of exploratory music. 

BIFEM takes place 2-4 September 2016.

Check out the festival guide (and some fantastic design work) at www.bifem.com.au.

Shann Lions, Four Lions

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Bendigo band Four Lions have a task ahead of them. They are going to write, record, release, and tour an EP in the space of a week. If anyone can do it, these guys will surely get there.

I recently caught up with frontman Shann Lions. We talk about the EP, the band's upcoming second album, and discuss Shann's songwriting philosophy.

Golden Triangle will be released on June 28. You can check out Four Lions on their EP tour at the following venues:

30 June: The Retreat Hotel, Brunswick
1 July: Royal George Hotel Kyneton
2 July: The Golden Vine Hotel, Bendigo
3 July: The Lockington Hotel, Lockington

You can find more information at fourlionsmusic.com.
Authorpreneur Hazel Edwards is back with a new book. A collaboration with first time author Ozge Alkan, Hijabi Girl is the story of a young girl who wears a hijab, has a fun group of friends, and aspires to have her own Aussie rules football team. 

I caught up with Hazel recently to talk about her new book as well as the upcoming "Hippo Hippo! ...the Musical" tour. You can also check out the last time Hazel was on Local Chats here.

Hazel has a fantastic website full of great resources.

Hijabi Girl is available from Bookpod.

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Jasmin Bradshaw, Sophia Cadetship

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The Sophia Cadetship is a new community based program that aims to equip sole parents with the tools they need to break into the workforce. Despite its youth, the Cadetship has already gained a great deal of attention and support from the Bendigo community.

I met with one of its directors, Jasmin Bradshaw, to talk about this exciting initiative.

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You can find out more about the Sophia Cadetship on Facebook.
Over The Handlebars is a television show about recreational cycling. It is currently raising funds for its pilot episode on Pozible. I caught up with one of the guys behind the show, Caleb Maxwell to fins out exactly what it will be about.

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You can support Over The Handlebars on Pozible. There is also a Facebook page.

Find out more about Hebron Films at their website.

Tom Cartoonist, Cartoonist

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Tom Cartoonist is a visual artist and musician who has been based in both Bendigo and Melbourne. He is currently working on a children's book in his unique style.

Tom is an old friend of mine. While this is his first time on Local Chats, I have interviewed him for this site once before. You can find the interview here.

We talk about the process of creating a children's book, the respective benefits of traditional and digital art styles, and Tom's foray into music. At the end, I ask Tom to play a song for us all. 

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"Modern Life"
Performed by Telecastin' Tom
Written by B.Ely
Originally performed by Regurgitator

Tom is @tomcartoonist on Twitter and you can also check out his Wordpress.

Since this interview, Tom has created a Facebook page for his music. You can find it here.

A group of passionate local performers are bringing the Tony nominated musical [Title of Show] to Bendigo. There will be four performances across the last weekend of November.

I caught up with the man behind (and starring in) the show's Bendigo performance, Joel McDonald, along with two of his costars, Alicia Barker and Jason McMurray, and production manager Abe Watson. We talk about the journey bringing [Title of Show] to life along with some of the inspirations and aspirations that come with performing theatre.

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[Title of Show] is being performed 26-29 November 2015 at BTC Arts Shed, 15-17 Allingham Street Golden Square.

You can find more information at the website, titleofshowbendigo.wordpress.com.

Book your tickets at trybooking.com/156054.
The Nerdy Birdy is a children's book with a strong anti-bullying message. It was self published by author Danielle Wheeldon and illustrator David Snowdon with the aid of crowdfunding through Pozible. 

I recently caught up with them to talk about producing the book and their resulting success with it. They also offer some advice for people undertaking similar projects.

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Find out more about the Nerdy Birdy at the website.

Geoff Brown, Cohesion Press

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Geoff Brown is an Australian writer and founder of publishing company Cohesion Press and editing company Cohesion Author Services. I caught up with him in the aftermath of Bendigo Writers Festival for a chat.

We talk about the writing and publishing industry of today and sleeping in asylums.

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Cohesion Press has a website, as does Cohesion Author Services. You can find out more about the Asylum Retreats here.
A long time enthusiast of blues music, Julius Porlai has been involved with the Bendigo Blues And Roots Music Festival since its beginning and runs the Bendigo Blues Tram. He also presents the weekly KLFM show Track of the Blues with Dr Jules.

Regular listeners of Local Chats will note three things about this episode. First, that it has been less than a fortnight since the last episode was released. In fact, it has only been two days since my chat with Cable Williams. In fact, this is a bonus episode release on top of the regular schedule. That's pretty exciting.

Second, this is not the first episode about the Blues Tram. There was a special episode of Local Chats released last year that took place on the tram featuring performances by Tony J King and Erica Hawkey.

Finally, the monkeys are still interfering with the equipment. An animal control official has been brought in to clear them from the studio, but unfortunately they did interfere with the equipment and there is some background noise in this recording. Hopefully this problem is now fixed and won't affect future episodes.

Without further adieu, here is my chat with Dr Jules. In the meantime, remember to check out our Patreon.

You can hear Julius on KLFM every Thursday from 7-9pm.

The next Blues Tram features Rattlin' Bones Blackwood and Michael Pollitt. It will run Friday September 25 and includes dinner at Rocks on Rosalind. You can find all the information here.

The Bendigo Blues And Roots Music Festival will be 5-8 November. More information at bendigobluesandroots.com.au.