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The New Local Radio's annual countdown is at hand. The Hottest Ten Or So counts down the best ten (or so) songs of the year as voted by you.

Voting is simple. Send a list of up to ten of your favourite songs released in 2015 to thenewlocal@gmail.com. It is recommended you rank them in some sort of order as this helps break ties in the vote counting. 

Votes close 11:59pm on Saturday 30 January. That is less than one week so get your votes in.

Tune in to the countdown from 10pm on Phoenix FM this Sunday 31 January. You can also follow @thenewlocal on Twitter as we livetweet with the hashtag #TenOrSo.

Check out last year's countdown here. You can listen to last year's winner, "The Rains of Castamere" by Sigur Ros, below.

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