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Photos by Jim Marshall.

The weekend of the annual Australian Sheep & Wool Show brings an interesting mini music festival to the Goldmines Hotel in Bendigo. With two stages, Ewes, Brews, Stews & Blues brings exactly what it says on the tin. This year was no disappointment.


Outside, the Courtyard Stage brought an electric atmosphere to the crowd. The jovial and clever performance of Alanna & Alicia Egan and the smooth jams of John-Luke Shelley were on the live music menu for those who decided to stay outside. Punters seeking a more intimate vibe could look no further than the Victoria Room. In here, acts such as Tony J King and Aaron Wales shared folk tales and other flights of fancy in their more introspective performances.

The menu for the day was prepared by local chef Justin McPhail. Sporting a lamb based menu to fit the theme of the weekend, this reviewer regrets not trying the lambington dessert. Known for his association with Bendigo Beer, McPhail also made certain a fine selection of brews was made available for the punters.


Being such a great day out, it is easy to forget that on top of everything else, Ewes, Brews, Stews & Blues is a supercharged preview for the Bendigo Blues & Roots Music Festival this coming November. More information can be found here.

Goldmines Hotel has a website. As does Bendigo Beer.

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