A Groovin' Guide For Those Left Out

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Are you the only person in your social circle who is not going to Groovin' The Moo? Are you dreading being left out of all of the cool star-ridden conversations your friends will be having over the next few months? Fear no longer! I have spent the better part of an afternoon compiling this guide of what you need to know about some of the festival's key acts so you don't have to be left afloat in a conversational winter.

Architecture In Helsinki

Few people probably realise that this five piece indie pop group from Fitzroy actually started out as a trio of high school chums in Albury, but the cool thing about these guys is their approach to marketing. As part of the promotion of their new album, NOW + 4EVA, they set up a temporary store in Melbourne Central Shopping Centre for the first week of April 2014. Available at this store, among other things, was jewellery, drink bottles, candy figurines of the band, a small fashion line, and of course the album itself, available on vinyl, CD, USB, and cassette. Other cool things about the band include singer Cameron Bird's surname and guitarist Jamie Mildren's beard.

Tracks to check out: "In The Future", "It'5".

Holy Fuck

Aside from having a band name that is awkward to say on some radio stations, these Canadians like to use live instruments over more popular electronic methods to create their dance beats. These guys have a love of musical experimentation that will surely make them a must see live act. One of their music videos has cats in it.

Tracks to check out: "Red Lights", "Latin America".

The Jezabels

These fellows are two lads and two ladies from Sydney who formed in 2007. One of their songs, "Long Highway", was allegedly considered for use in one of the films in the Twilight Saga but was rejected for being "too mature". The band's name is taken from a character in the Hebrew Book of Kings.

Tracks to check out: "Long Highway", "Endless Summer".



These Perth guys got together in high school in 1997 performing covers of songs by Nirvana and Carcass at parties. In 2010, they performed in Mumbai, India. The band had not been to the country before and none of their records had been released there. The show attracted 10,000 punters on the back of the band's internet popularity.

Tracks to check out: "Eidolon", "We Are".


Say what you want about Kingswood, these dudes have style. They recorded their upcoming debut album in Nashville with acclaimed producer Vance Powell, and they are currently touring the country with Groovin' while performing plenty of sideshows before their big appearance at Splendour In The Grass this July. The biggest tragedy about this band seems to be that they are yet to have their own Wikipedia page.

Tracks to check out: "Ohio", "Yeah Go Die".

The Presets

You all already know about the Presets. They had that song that was huge a few years back. But did you know that they are good pals with Daniel Johns? Julian Hamilton and Kim Moyes were in the Dissociatives live band and Johns played guitar on a few tracks from their debut EP Blow Up, including track "Cookie" which received a share of early radio play for the band.

Tracks to check out: "Cookie", "If I Know You".

Robert DeLong

I had not heard of Robert DeLong before earlier this week and am listening his music for the first time ever as I write this. The reason why I am talking about him is because he recently did a Take 5 on Triple J Mornings, and some of the songs he chose are some of my favourite songs ever. He started out as an indie rock drummer and Wikipedia lists his current genres as electronica and something called moombahton, which is one of the coolest genre names I have heard.

Tracks to check out: "Basically, I", "Global Concepts".

Violent Soho

Two of the members of Violent Soho are called Luke. Considering they are a four piece, that makes 50% of the band. These guys from Brisbane love to party and love to play music, so they will likely be doing a lot of what they love as they tour around regional Australia with the festival. The band will be doing a free show in Mildura on May 17 for Triple J's One Night Stand.

Tracks to check out: "Dope Calypso", "Jesus Stole My Girlfriend".

There you have it. With this handy guide you will have no chance of being left out in the cold when all of your hip friends are talking about what a great time they had at Groovin' The Moo. That is, of course, unless reading this article just reminded you of what you are missing out on by not being there. If that is the case, I recommend you race to Bunbury in Western Australia this Saturday May 10. You still might be able to get a ticket. Quick! Go!

More information about Groovin' The Moo can be found at gtm.net.au.

More information about these bands can be found on Google.

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