The Hottest 10 Or So Songs Of 2013

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This Sunday night, we will be counting down the best ten or so songs of last year, but to do that we need your help.

Step one: Come up with a list of your favourite songs that were released last year. Try to narrow this list down to ten (at most).

Step two: If you can, order the list from best to tenth best. This is not essential, but it will help the vote counters down in the tally room break ties.

Step three: Send an email featuring this list along with your name to

Step four: List to us after 10pm this Sunday 26 January on Phoenix FM. If you are in Bendigo, you can do this by tuning your radio to 106.7FM. The rest of the world can jump on the stream over at

Voting closes 11.59pm Saturday 25 January. And really, are you going to be listening to any other countdown that day?

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