Maddah Versus Reznor

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The time of year has come around. The summer festivals are announcing their lineups. Big Day Out delighted many with promises of heavyweights like Blur and Pearl Jam and earlier this week all eyes turned to see what Soundwave had to offer. They did not disappoint. Green Day, Megadeth, Alice In Chains, Rob Zombie, even a newly rostered Stone Temple Pilots. But there was one glaring omission: the much speculated Nine Inch Nails.

Fans took to Twitter, questioning festival boss AJ Maddah about this curious exclusion. The response came to the surprise of many.



It seems that according to Maddah, Nine Inch Nails front man Trent Reznor considers himself too "mainstream" for the festival and is turning his back on his fans. What does Reznor have to say about this?




It is probably for the best that he did not engage in a public Twitter argument with the outspoken Maddah, but it would be interesting to hear about the negotiations from Reznor's side of things.


Nine Inch Nails will release their new album, Hesitation Marks, on August 30.

More information about Big Day Out and Soundwave can be found at the respective websites, and

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