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Repetitive lyrics. Dance beats. Excited ravers. It appears Daft Punk have a new album. Twelve years ago we were going to celebrate one more time, now it is but a memory. Daft Punk leads us back as we recall the past, bringing along a few guests.

Citing influences from the likes of Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles, and Pink Floyd, we are offered a journey within the cerebrum. A journey of joy and melancholy, of high and low. At the centre of said journey is "Touch", a song inspired by the Beatles classic "A Day In The Life" with vocals that channel Freddie Mercury at times. A definite highlight of the record is the instrumental "Motherboard", a track reminiscent of Mike Oldfield's "Tubular Bells". Random Access Memories closes on a high with the epic "Contact".

Revolutionary synth artist Giorgio appears on the track "Giorgio by Moroder", bringing a monologue of nostalgia along to a beat no doubt inspired by his work. Julian Casablancas appears on "Instant Crush", a song that would feel at home on any given Strokes record. That is, if Julian's signature voice were not buried under an avalanche of vocal effects.

Typical of Daft Punk, there is some qualitative variance. It would be easy to criticise this album for an over reliance on digital vocal filtering and generic, repetitive lyrics. But all one has to do is call back to hit singles like "Around The World" and "One More Time" to remember why Daft Punk is famous in the first place. Pharrell Williams appears on the album's two weakest tracks including the lead single "Get Lucky", a song about getting lucky, and "Lose Yourself To Dance", a song about dancing. Random Access Memories actually improves as a whole if experienced with both Pharrell tracks skipped. Another weak moment is the Panda Bear guested "Doin' It Right", a song about doing things correctly and also dancing.

Recalling the past and hinting at the future, Random Access Memories will certainly please the fans and add to the roster of nightclub jams that made Daft Punk who they are today.

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