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There's only a handful of rock bands on this planet that can fill stadiums after 20 years of recording and touring together. There's even a smaller number of bands from that handful that can entertain and captivate a packed stadium for 2.5 hours. There's no doubting that the Foo Fighters are in that handful.

On a steamy evening in late February, a reported 57,000 people crammed themselves into Melbourne's Etihad Stadium to see Dave Grohl and his band rip through some of the most endearing tunes in modern rock (plus some excellent classic rock covers).

Kicking off proceedings with the slow burning "Something from Nothing" which rolled into "The Pretender" the evening was off to a rocking start. The crowd singing along to each and every chorus and verse as their collective voice filled the packed stadium.

The setlist was nothing but non-stop hits, spanning across all their albums. Even the much derided "Wheels", which according to the Foos frontman is only liked in Germany but he played it anyway.

Just as the crowd began to get their fill of Foo Fighters songs, the rock quintet busted out covers of "Detroit Rock City", "Stay With Me" and a rollicking "Let There Be Rock". Not even a mid-show marriage proposal could slow the momentum. ("Now get the fuck off my stage" - Dave).

The night reaching its rock n roll zenith with their biggest hit "Best of You". The crowd singing so loud and with so much energy that you'd swear they had blown the roof off the enclosed stadium.

But, all good things must come to an end and so did the biggest show the Foo Fighters had ever put on in Australia, closing the night with arguably their best song, Everlong. As the crush of people made their way back onto the rain soaked concourse, there was no doubting they had just witnessed one of the best rock shows of their life.

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