British India Controls Bendigo

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Black Swan nightclub transformed into an altar of sweaty garage rock for one typically chilly Spring night in Bendigo. Of course, as nightclubs tend to, the place isn't banging until after midnight so it seemed fitting that British India didn't take to the stage until it was technically Sunday morning. The time didn't bother the eager crowd too much. One punter was so eager (and drunk) that he hassled the roadie until he was politely escorted off the premises by security. Ouch!

The Melbourne four piece awkwardly manoeuvred their way through the crowd to the awaiting stage and eased into first gear with "March Into The Ocean", then really fired things up with "This Dance is Loaded" and "Safari", both odes written to dance your arse off to. Then came a track off their new LP, "Controller". A more mature sound from the Melbourne boys, "Blinded" is a little deeper than just parties and girls.

The setlist continued to be a mix of the old ("Run the Red Light", "You Will Die and I Will Take Over", "God Is Dead") and new tracks like the sensational "Plastic Souvenirs", complete with singalong chorus which the early morning crowd sang with great gusto. Showing off their punk rock roots, a fantastic surprise cover of Green Day's "Brain Stew" came towards the end of the show. With a swig of his beer, frontman Declan Melia thanked the Bendigo crowd for sticking around so late and promised that their tour manager would shout the bar in appreciation (Woo!!)

The set closed with the sublime Triple J favourite "I Can Make You Love Me" and was rounded out with the nice and sweary "This Ain't No Fucking Disco" getting the crowd nice and rowdy for one more time. Until that night, British India hadn't played Bendigo since the 2010 edition of regional festival "Groovin' The Moo". Let's hope we don't have to wait that long again.
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