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It is said that if something is good, a person might tell a couple of friends but if it's terrible, they'll spread the news to everybody they know. This is generally accepted as true and it perhaps says a lot about a restaurant when the dining experience inspires an entirely new column dedicated solely to food reviews. And that was exactly how this new column, Bendigo Eats, was formed.

The inspiring restaurant in question was The Match, located at 58 Bull Street in the heart of Bendigo's CBD. It was approaching 2pm on a Saturday when we arrived and whilst not overwhelmingly busy, there were a larger number of patrons than I would have expected for so late in the lunch period. Since it was a fine day and the street itself wasn't too busy to prohibit conversation, we decided to sit outside. The menus arrived promptly but it was the only thing that did. The first drinks - two sodas and a coffee - took approximately twenty minutes and the dishes took close to forty. It was only once we began to discuss the time it was taking that a passing waitress reassured us they were "just coming out now." Even then, it was another ten minutes before they were delivered. Upon arrival, I ordered another soda but it still hadn't arrived by the time we left an hour later.

As for the food, the only reason to write home about it would be to suggest your family find somewhere else to eat. The open steak sandwich was perhaps the smallest we had ever seen and the kipfler potatoes were simply chips, not the chunky potato pieces the menu implied. The tomato relish they were served with complimented them well though. The crispy calamari was amply served with fresh garden salad and shoestring fries but our guest felt thicker cut chips would have better suited the aoli sauce. The extra bowl of chips we ordered were suitably salted and the aoli sauce was plentiful. The nachos were overcooked with barely any cheese and the sour cream limited in a tiny dipping bowl that ensured a lack of access and supply. The bland tomato relish was the most substantial flavouring, or would have been if it had been anything more than canned tomatoes diced and dumped on top.

Whilst prices were reasonable for the area, the whole experience was disappointing. The service was unreasonably slow, the staff didn't seem to want to be there either and only gave the briefest of communications to their customers. The food was merely whelming, barely notable as anything more than simply 'food'. I give The Match two out of five spoons.

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