It's over. Victoria has new government under the Australian Labor Party. New premier Daniel Andrews is currently selecting his new cabinet.

Tom O'Callaghan and I caught up to review the outcome of the election weekend.

Stay tuned for election night interviews with Maree Edwards and Greg Bickley.

The VIctorian state election is this Saturday. Tom and I caught up this week for a final overview of the candidates, some key issues, and the seats to watch.

A list of the candidates in each of the Bendigo electorates can be found below. Check back in next week for the post election summary.
Bendigo East
Candidate NameParty
BICKLEY, GregLiberal
DOWLING, CameronAustralian Country Alliance
BELL, Lynette KayRise Up Australia Party
ALLAN, JacintaAustralian Labor Party
ALDEN, JenniferAustralian Greens
BRADSHAW, GlenisFamily First
Bendigo West
Candidate NameParty
MOSKALEWICZ, AmandaFamily First
LANGDON, MichaelLiberal
EDWARDS, MareeAustralian Labor Party
BROWNSTEIN, JohnAustralian Greens
CADDY, SandraRise Up Australia Party
CHAPMAN, EliseAustralian Country Alliance

2014 Episode Eight: Most Quotes

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The campaign ramps up. The parties vie for the most quotes in the media. Tom and I discuss who is in the lead for the "Most Quotes". We also cover a lot of the key issues being debated in the lead up to the November election.

There was an air conditioner in the next room creating weird effects with the sound, so there is some background noise in this podcast.

2014 Episode Seven: East/West Flips

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Daniel Andrews changes his mind, Tom tries his hand at reading political adverts, and the parties bicker over hospital cut facts.

In this episode of Bendigo Decides, Tom and I discuss online muck ups on either side of the political fence. We also touch on the effects of the recent electorate redistribution.

Mere hours after this podcast was recorded, Michael Langdon was announced as replacement for Jack Lyons as Liberal candidate for Bendigo West. Welcome to the race, Michael.
The Greens announce a candidate. Elise Chapman considers running. Also maybe the Palmer United Party? In this episode, we discuss how the Bendigo Mosque issue could cast a shadow over the election campaign.

Tom can be heard tonight on 106.7 Phoenix FM interviewing Greg Bickley, Liberal candidate for Bendigo East.

There is some slight background noise in this episode.

On this episode, Tom and I review the Geoff Shaw situation, talk about the Wellsford State Forest and the Bendigo Mosque. We also touch on the family violence issue and briefly discuss campaign funding.

Tom wrote and excellent opinion piece on the Bendigo Mosque. It can be found here on his Wordpress.

You can hear him Wednesday nights on Phoenix FM.

On the evening of Tuesday June 3rd, Independant MP for Frankston, Geoff Shaw announced that he would back the Labor Party in a vote of no confidence against Denis Napthine's Liberal government. In result, the media was thrown into a frenzy as Napthine and Opposition Leader Daniel Andrews scrambled to respond. Tom O'Callaghan and I caught up to discuss the events surrounding this so called "constitutional crisis" and speculate on what is to come.

In this episode, we talk the state budget and its effects on Bendigo. We also discuss the effects of the Annie North Women's Refuge issue on the local Liberal Party's campaign, Melbourne's transport system, and unemployment. We close with a summary of a few of the issues to keep an eye on over the coming months.

Another year, another election. This November, Victorian voters will decide who will lead the state for another four years. Tom O'Callaghan and I met up to discuss the upcoming election and what it means to the Bendigo area.

In this episode, we talk about how the results of last year's federal election might impact this year. We also discuss the local candidates from the major parties and provide commentary on Bendigo's growth as a regional centre. We close with a few holistic observations of politics and democracy in general.

Tom is very apologetic for forgetting the name of the Liberal candidate for Bendigo West, Jack Lyons. Give him a hard time about it on his Twitter, @tombendigo. You can also check out his blog,

Stay tuned for the next episode, in which we will talk about the state budget.